5 things not to do on your Holiday

There are a variety of activities to tick on your list when on holiday. However, there are a few you should avoid while enjoying your time away. 

1. Road tripping? Don’t stick to the usual roads – get off the beaten track. 
Small town South Africa is more charming than you could ever imagine. These hidden gems offer insights into local living; cuisine and a kind of hospitality that can be lost in bigger cities. Of course it's not only about the destination, venturing on the road less traveled affords views of South Africa's most breathtaking landscapes. 

2. Strap on those boots. Don’t stay in your vehicle – walk. 
Whether you do a walking tour of Johannesburg or Cape Town, or hit a hiking trail, travelling this way will put you in touch with some of the subtle details that are often overlooked. 

3. Have a chat! Don’t stem your curiosity – talk to people. 
Our country offers an abundance of wonders as well as our people who love nothing more than talking about the various cultures and traditions to those who are interested. 

4. Make that leap! Don’t be afraid – adrenaline is good for you. 
Think of the possibility of jumping off a bridge and launching yourself into the highest commercial bridge bungee jump in the world. Not to mention cage-diving with great white sharks or tree canopy tours. 

5. Always take the weather with you! Don’t let gloomy conditions get you down. 
Beautiful weather is standard when thinking of South African summers. Cloudy weather reveals itself from time to time, and deliver steady windswept rain in the Cape, and thunderstorms in the Highveld. If the rains hit there are an abundance of indoor attractions like aquariums and museums to keep you occupied.