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1. Who Are We?

Dream Breaks, a subsidiary of Leisure Options (Pty) Ltd, was established in 2006 with the aim of providing the general public with holiday accommodation at resorts of exceptional quality in exquisite locations at affordable rates. Leisure Options (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in 1988 and has achieved great success in managing and marketing leisure accommodation of a high standard in a variety of sought after locations.

2. What's On Offer?

As a result of Dream Breaks’ association with Leisure Options it has been able to offer its client base a wide variety of high quality holiday accommodation. The quality of the accommodation on offer is maintained by virtue of our active involvement in the resorts as they are either owned or directly managed by Leisure Options. The close involvement in the resorts has ensured that our clients continue to experience the quality and comfort they have become accustomed to.

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